Hello World

After too many rewrites of its logic and hesitantly sacrificing coolness for maintainability and zero npm dependencies, this blog finally sees the light of day. Expect insights on product and business building, musings on nerdy tech topics, rumblings on productivity, and mumbling should I ever do an audio format. With some life reflections, too!

Hello there

It is done, and I am almost sad. The journey to set this up was fun, inefficient, and above all, educational. But that is not the point.

Dear reader, you are. Be it passively browsing or actively engaging in discussions, I hope you gain some value from this.

So let's do this.

What you can expect

The intro summarizes it succinctly, I plan to provide:

  1. insights on product management and business building,
  2. musings on nerdy tech topics,
  3. rumblings on productivity, and
  4. possibly some life reflections, too!

A quick intro

Hi, I'm Leon, a self-proclaimed tech nerd that quite early on stumbled found his way into management consulting.

At the time of writing, I live in Berlin and help companies big and small to solve business problems with tech, data, or just critical thinking.

While analytical at heart, oftentimes I find myself translating between worlds - be it tech and business, product and sales, or just between individuals. After some reflection I noticed that my tendency to think in systems helps me understand both sides' realities - and that these usually do not differ greatly once broken down into their respective contexts.

Simultaneously I spend too much of my free time tinkering with code, data structures, or just separating signal from noise in tech trends.

Welcome and happy reading!