Musings on life, business building, and some things tech.

Carefully written thoughts of questionable quality presented in anti-chronological order. Enjoy at your own peril.

On bee-in' busy - and how to be productive instead

Everyone is busy. Working on this and that. Managing deadlines, aligning stakeholder expectations, and actioning on action items. And yet, results are progressing sluggishly. There is this nagging feeling that this is not right. Time wasted. You keep thinking about that recent 4h burst where you Got. Stuff. Done. I say: let's be productive, not busy.

Hello World

After too many rewrites of its logic and hesitantly sacrificing coolness for maintainability and zero npm dependencies, this blog finally sees the light of day. Expect insights on product and business building, musings on nerdy tech topics, rumblings on productivity, and mumbling should I ever do an audio format. With some life reflections, too!